Friday, July 03, 2009

A Stranger Friend...

Once A Stranger, Came Into My Life And Became Friend,
I Never Meet, Yet It Was Nice Time Over Phone I Spent,

Sharing Sorrows And Cheery Moments, I Thanked The God,
How He Send Sylph For Me, Whom I Found At Every End,

Just Want To Say, I Miss Her, She May Have Hiccup With,
I Can't Sleep Well, Even In Dreams, I Find Her Hand In Hand,

Suddenly, I Lost Her Contact, I Entreated The Need To God,
It Is Not Easy To Find A Friend, Who Can Indeed Understand.

...I Want You Back My Friend...


Erica said...

beautiful verse, may jesus will help you meet your stranger friend. plz do post regularly.

SUCHETA said...

Simply amazin.....!!!

kimi said...

hmmm its Original... n i like it..
good poem.. i wish good days to you.. She will come back:::)

majin vegeta said...

this is awesome very touching